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4th February 2004

12:24pm: Snow!!!
Yesterday afternoon Jacob & I went sledding with Risa and then skating at Wohlman rink in Central Park.

We are tourists we admit it.

Hope you all are having a great time.

Natalie, I miss you.

Current Mood: amused

27th January 2004

6:04pm: Where have I been?
I'm back.

I'm no longer with General Hospital..

Let's see Risa, Jake, Colt..now me..they let all the "stars" go. *chuckles softly*

Anyway. I'm in NY tryin to get a deal and well hoping to see Natalie

I'll be around,


Current Mood: calm

8th February 2003

9:57pm: Thursday's party.
Every one of my friends is invited that means anyone I talk to or is on my friend list.

We are not personally sending out cards of invites.

Just telling you all that it is Thursday Feb 13th.

Quick short shout outs:

Natalie:I love you
Risa: I wish you'd reconsider and come but I understand
Colt: Engaged again? Great news bro.
Jake: I can't wait to meet Julie, you'd better bring her to the party.
Natalie Brannon: I love you with all of my being.

*winks* going back to bed with the wifey


5th February 2003

9:31am: I just want to say...
that I absolutely love my WIFE Natalie.

Right now we are on a honeymoon in an undisclosed location.
*evil laughs* No one will find us, we are all alone.

We'll be back later next week for our party on Thursday the 13th. Hope you all are able to attend.

And Jake-Colt and I have a very special date picked out for you. Don't go and blow it by asking someone else ok?

Life is good,

Current Mood: loved

3rd February 2003

10:40am: Short update...
I love you Natalie.

2nd February 2003

10:52am: Rejections (crossed out)

You're not married to Marisa.
Your car is not the color Black.
Your honeymoon is not Mexico.
You don't have this many kids: 3.
You're not married to Natalie.
You don't live in the state California.
Your occupation is not a Pro Basketball Star.
You don't live in a Shack.
Your car is not the color Silver.
Your occupation is not a Porn Star.
You don't drive a Mercedes.
Your honeymoon is not Paris.
You don't drive a KIA.
You don't live in a Apartment.
You don't live in a Mansion.
You don't live in the state Michigan.
You don't have this many kids: 2.

Final Results (still standing)

You live in a House.
You're married to Natalie.
You drive a Ford Escape.
Your car is the color Blue.
You live in the state Texas.
Your honeymoon is Cancun.
Your occupation is a Actor .
You have this many kids: 5 (2 male; 3 female).

30th January 2003

8:38am: back to work on Monday...
For now, Natalie and I are concentrating on making the world disappear. ;)

I love her so much, I can't even explain it in words.

C.A. Brannon
Current Mood: happy

29th January 2003

9:30am: I'm leaving on a plane tonight after work to go see Natalie. I need her right now, and I think she needs me. I wanted to post these lyrics just for her.

I love you Natalie.

LoveCollapse )

28th January 2003

9:43am: *stretched out on my bed........alone*
Please fill this out...with information you know about me.

1. What is my name?
2. When/where/how did we meet?
3. Do I do drugs?
4. Do I believe in God?
5. One word to describe me:
6. How old am I?
7. Natural hair color?
8. Do I have any siblings, if yes how many?
9. What cross roads do I live on?
10. What is the best feature about me?
11. Am I shy or outgoing?
12. Have you ever seen me cry?
13. What songs make you think of me?
14. What is my favorite type of music?
15. Favorite food?
16. Worst personality trait?
17. Favorite color?
18. I am obsessed with:
19. Who is my best friend?
20. Do you love me?

23rd January 2003

10:22am: *types quietly in the den*
I just woke up...

Natalie, is still asleep. *smiles softly* yes she did spend the night.

I woke early and just watched her sleep for a while, she is so precious and delicate.

After this I think I'm gonna go down and whip us up some breakfast, and then take it upstairs to her and have breakfast in bed.


22nd January 2003

10:01am: Lovely night last night with a LOVELY lady.
*slowly rubs my eyes*
I'm just walking around the house in these shorts.
title or description

Hey Natalie-If Lando gets tired of you...You can always come stay with me *rae* What do you think?

I think I need to go back to bed.

See ya later everyone.


20th January 2003

9:32am: *yawns* man am I tired.
I have been spending a lot of time with the beautiful miss Natalie Portman, and I must say she is a bundle of high-crackle energy. She's spontaneous, open, honest, fun, beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, smart, talented and not to mention sexy and to die for.

Lately we've just been hanging out havin' fun. And I enjoy every minute of my time with her.

*blows kisses to Nat*


16th January 2003

3:12pm: Introduction
Hi everyone, my name is Chad. I play Zander Smith on General Hospital. I love just hanging out, I have a very jealous temper, I love all sorts of beautiful women. I am a self-proclaimed sex addict. I love riding my motorcycle. I love teasing Marisa, though we're just friends.

Um anything else you wanna know just ask.

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